Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Two-Tone Adventures

My last project was an excellent 1960s pattern purchased from eBay some time ago, McCalls 2083. I've been too chicken to try this one in the past, worried that my sewing skills weren't up to the job.


For the first time in my life I actually made a dress using PROPER measurements and I am very pleased with the results!


To start with I made a test-drive of this dress using some cheap material that I bought in a charity shop in two shades of purple.

However this mock-up highlighted certain problems:

- The pattern is a little large for me in the bust and small in the hips (or I am)

- The curves on the front are very hard to sew without little puckers appearing at the joins

So, in my second version I actually cut the fabric allowing for the difference in measurements and then sewed the front and back together with a tacking stitch and tried it on, then slightly altered before sewing it together properly - the result was MUCH more wearable.

In the second version I also added the optional pockets, but decided rather than plain to opt for one side in the plain and one in the patterned fabric, which gave a pleasing effect of contrast pocket flaps. I also added a covered button to the front - et voila!


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